We exist to support our partners through enhancing consumer products utilizing creativity, innovation and quality manufacturing processes.

Innovate, Formulate, Create


We were founded with the mission of providing our customers, regardless of size or market, with a single-source solution for creating and manufacturing innovative products that consumers love. More than just formulation, or manufacturing or packaging, we help partners create, expand and deliver their brands.


We look at the big picture when collaborating with our partners. Using our wealth of experience and years of dedicated research, we help you determine where the market is going and where new ideas for your product might fit in. Using a disciplined ideation process, accelerated product development and visionary packaging capabilities, we help our clients create, expand and strengthen their brands in the market.


Our dedicated team of scientists and engineering specialists bring unmatched expertise in formulation and development. At our core, we produce value through our scientific expertise. We formulate new products, improve upon existing ones and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of client productions to ensure our clients’ success.


We don’t just take and fill orders–we become your partner of choice. Our commitment to solid science, emerging technologies and open collaboration means you enjoy a relationship based on mutual trust and success. In the end, from ideation through fulfillment, we bring creative ideas and innovative strategies that move partner products from concept to consumer.

Vital Stats

Number of Employees: 300+
Number of Managers/Supervisors: 25
Percentage of Employees in Quality: >22%



FDARx, OTC, Medical Device


Validated USP Water System