The right package can mean the difference between a successful product and a flop. Bottle or tube? Aerosol or bag-on-valve? Bulk or individual use? Whatever you need, we can assist you in your search for the perfect packaging solution.

Fulfill Your Vision

Formulated Solutions is a certified cGMP facility, with flexible high-speed production lines, lean SIX SIGMA fast changeovers and quick completion for a wide variety of packaging projects.

Aerosol Packaging

We’re one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare aerosol and bag-on-valve products. Our Cleanroom Bag-on-Valve production facility, which is literally the length of a football field, is considered to be among the top BOV production facilities in the market.

Liquids & Semi-Solids

We can package a wide range of liquids and semi-solids–including creams, lotions and gels–for healthcare, cosmetics or almost any other topical consumer use. Packaging options include a variety of bottles and jars, as well as laminate and plastic tubes for maximum flexibility.

Specialty Filling & Custom Products

With years of experience in product development and specialty formulations, we can also help you develop custom packaging to suit your product needs. From wipes and single-use sachets to completely custom delivery devices, we can create a custom package solution for you.


More Than a Pretty Wrapper


Choosing the right packaging is an important part of any product’s success. We leverage our extensive experience in product development, fulfillment and testing to help you develop the perfect packaging for your needs and your customers.